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World Cup and Horizon Europe – what do they have in common

Discussing HEU launch with Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Research, Innovation, Culture, Education and Youth The world has changed dramatically since June 2018 when the European Commission has launched its …

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Leapfrogging in the post-Covid world

With Covid-19, we already see signs of a disruption that will shape decades to come. Perhaps, there is a bigger opportunity here.

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The case for more mission-oriented business and science cooperation

Despite the variety of instruments to encourage business-science cooperation over the last decade, the results are not impressive.

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Riding the wave – 20 reasons why 2020 wasn’t all bad

It seems like 2020 was directed by Tarantino and Spielberg, both high on speed. Indeed, 2020 wasn’t all bad because THIS has happened.

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What might the world look like in 2120?

Ever wondered what the world might look like a hundred years from now? The future will depend on both external factors and the decisions we make.

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